Retro Mixtape




New artist Ro WALKER takes on throw-back instrumentals. Featuring "Killin'Em-Fabolous" & "Tipsy - J-Kwon"


released June 16, 2015

Producers: Mosley & RickRock, Trackboyz, Mr. Khaliyl, Ric Notes, Timbaland, Ryan Leslie & DJ Clue, Dre





Ro WALKER best identifies himself as a Transgender Man, with his artistic roots in spoken word and branching into the hip-hop genre. His masculinity is palpable, but not intimidating or ignorant, rather voicing for change.

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Track Name: 2 Spirit (Killin' Em)
Walking around this afternoon
Got the blues, got my tunes
To the beat, my feet, move forward
Passed the defeat
Cause I’ve grown, & I’ve shown
My shine, before I made her mine
But this time, she’s front row
At my show
No one’s listening
Now I know,
Why I keep doing it
Pursuing it
This music shit
Gotta change the way we viewin it
Let me paint the picture
Chandelier Light Fixture
I’m talking way-up, my mixture
2 spirit
that’s why when I talk they all be hearin it
born to fear it
switch gears in it, throw Britney Spears in it
You no where near this shit
Im everywhere your not
So how you gonna spot me, to drop me
If the prop I’ve been given is godly
Prolly just talk shit
That’s why I keep spittin game hard
Putting numbers in her tip jar
Look whats the likli hood, you would
Make it through, motherhood at 16
From the hood, so its all good? What you mean?
Status Quo, misunderstood
Just know we’d take back some nights if we could
Feelin insecure, unsure, pour some more liquor
In my coffee then stir
My life, is something that you’ll never endure
Too hot my temperature
Papi, how big’s your pinscher?
Mines more miniature
But see I got the cure
Hand stand, when she cant stand,
Your immature ass anymore
We go explore like dora
I got some cat nip you can borrow
Do the same thing every night, gonna bore her
Nixon on my wrist
A reminder to live positive on my fist
You ain’t got no class, you gonna get dismissed
From my lessons;
Learn 2 Love, breathe, reap the blessings
Headed for a championship ring- game seven
Wearing aces, man number eleven
Dropped 50 points, still didn’t make it to heaven
What a lesson in life, never do the same thang twice
Switch it up, you’ll be reminiscing on these men of mice
Back when my name was just a spice,
Snake eyes, throwing dice
That mean I’m gambling, scrambling to win
Til everything gives - back what I’ve sewn,
Into this microphone
Look I just got it
You waitin for me to drop it
That’s hayleys comet
My electric plug socket
I’m charging you what you got in your pocket?
Officially a Ro Rocket
I’m a fine fella, draped in all Yella
That Golden Boy is so Stella Artois
Yep looks like I got it all,
Still feelin’ like the smallest cat in the litter
Gotta get fitter,
Let the anger out now I’m not so bitter
About what’s below the belt
Lately I’ve been trying to live stealth-
Track Name: Escape ROute (Make Me Better)
I was terrified
3 guys in disguise
with the eyes cut out
knocked down my door
didnt even know what for
put a shot gun to my face
worst part is they got the wrong place
where’s matt? They shouted
I don’t know that cat I rebutted
But man that shit was terrifying
My family was asleep upstairs no way theyre dying tonight
Now imagine if he had a gun to fight back?
What would a quick reaction have got him then?
Pronounced dead by ten A.M
Telling you a true story, bout my friend
Who in the end, made it out
But tell me what all the trouble about?

I ain’t talking smack
You got the right to say it, even if its’ that my shit is whack
You think I give a fack?
Like ratatatt
Go skeet on the belly then go out & get a tat
Boo boo you’re such a brat
Always petting the cat
Always callin out pussies on what he sees
Stealin my steez
Fake ass wannabees
Take a trip wit me
Chillin here it’s the villain in disguise
My mask on got her mesmorized
How’d he manifest what he fantasized?
I tried & I tried
You lied & gave up
Cause you don’t really give a fuck
Chasing rainbows, yah I lay low
Don’t worry, though
Keep your head up
I know your fed up
But you gotta get up
Lotta shit on my mind- Imma let up
Forgot why I’m angry, what changed me
How I became me
Ro Walker
Road the bus,
Now we walking in the sand
holding hands
this my strawberry jam
you my peanut truffle butter
spread it on thick
then shuffle to another beat – quick
whip out, top down the street
in a T-top CamaRo if you didn’t know

hook – Take shots in the dark
You’ll never hit my heart

The monster under my bed
just wants bread
a trip to the mall man keep me well fed
voices in my head
tellin’ me to find an escape route
where can I dip out? Bail out
with the bucket, off to Nantucket
some but-fuck small town
I’m sure if I don’t stand up for myself
I’ll be laying down & passed around
Now how that sound? That sound like rape.
I told you before I need an escape route
You should start doin’ the same
Remembering my name
My shame – your ego
This flame thrower
Gonna show her how to show out
All my real people know what I’m talkin’ about
By the way- stop harassing me bout my story
Just an allegory
Little girl, come, get the glory
She like what this all for me?
Could it all really be true?
yes its you… now what you gonna do?

Track Name: Delta COR Dreams (Tipsy)
1 – here comes the 2 – to the 3 – to the 4
Delta COR dreams and desires we explore
On the downtown floor
See passed that first glance.
Take a chance, take a stance
On the issues that matter
Shatter your misconceptions
Form new perceptions
Make an exception – for me
I’ve always wonder why
all you see is the difference
still in bliss with your ignorance.
Steal a kiss - Steal a base
But you can’t replace, from whom you take
Just admit that you made a mistake
Easy as that,
Piece of cake - Piece of pie
Man, What’s so hard about being an ally?
Does it make you any less of a guy
To apply your emotions ?
To accept the Frank Oceans
Drank potions – gin and tonic – mixed with the chronic
Til my thoughts went all demonic
I don’t even believe in the devil – how ironic I ended up so different then expected
So sick its infective
A perfect image reflected back
No rack in the way
So I can go and play
With the other boys
Play with monster truck toys
Play with hip hop noise
Can I ask all the lesbians
Can’t we just be friends?
To all those who think I lied – or lost my pride
Let’s just say I tried – to abide –
by the girl guide
But my mind and my body just couldn’t coincide
Watched Dr. jeckyl turn mister hyde
Don’t just push me aside
We aren’t so different see
In college, coulda shared dorms
I mean we both have gender struggles
Same storms – different forms
But she thinks he gave up, left, and conformed
Cause She’s still living as born - while he trans-formed
But becoming a man is no act you can perform
So don’t call me sir – call me survivor
If I stay sober – let my soul can be the driver
I used to get higher then a sky diver - now I’m free fallin
I quit ballin – shit still ballin
-- Still droppin dimes
While crossing gender lines
While dividing minds
ignoring all the signs that I don’t belong
when all else fails – hit the bong, sing my song
tell myself I knew all along
now I wont ever stop -drop – roll my weed
stop fuckin callin me a half breed
cause I'm givin your girl what she need
til she bleed
ok that was gross
what matters most?
well me of course
come on Ro - check yourself!
You might think I got full of myself
but that glass is half full to me
I’m still hungry
tummy grumble
cause my bodys striped like a bumble bee
whats next for me?
no tellin
Arguments with me man won’t end in yellin
There callin me a love felon
I’m stealing hearts
Topping charts
Splitting open all her body parts
And I’m hittin the bullseye like I'm throwin darts.
Track Name: Underdog's on Top (Hate it or Love it)
Headin down Portage on Winnipeg Transit
Head out the window my headphones blasted
Thinkin 'bout my lost loves
how they could of lasted a little longer,
How I coulda been a little stronger.

There's no hope in these streets!
Then I'm greeted by the sweetest old lady.
Reppin' a blue pea coat,
Had to stop her right there
& let her know it was dope.
I try to be nice but it's a slippery slope.

Now I'm headed to the North side,
A part of my city that divides those
who deny pride with those that've been denied.

I don't hide Mom.
I just won't.
Don't tell me don't.
Turns out,I know what's best for me.
"He" didn't, so I made a chest for me.

No democracy - That's what's messed up to me.
Now come on, show some love for me.

Hate it or love it -- the underdog's on top.
Don't start up girl, if you ain't down to bus-stop.

Go ahead, judge me, you don't know me.
Don't take pity,
won't say sorry,
once you know me man.

Why would anyone choose to live here?
I used to say, without fear.
But the people here are strong,
Hit my bong, sing my song -
Take a long ass look at how I made the transition.
Found a way to make it when no one listened.

Hard to be defined, by everything I'm not.
A man with no dick but ask your chick, with this stick, if I can still hit the spot?
No scruff, not tough, not man enough for this town?
Not old enough for those lines that frown?
A little too Queen for this crown?
I look sixteen?.. but she's stickin' around.

In the back-ground, I hear a loud sound.
Surprise! You -- really -- are - nothing
Look up at the stars man, he's telling you something.
You think I don't shine right and I think that you're bluffin'.
All this doubt in the world, won't re-assure nothing,
so look it's Ride or Die ma
Say I gotta be AmericanA for a piece of that pie huh?
Well I don't wanna,
I smoke that marijuana and I'm on top -
of the world so high and they keep telling me to stop AH!

Go ahead, judge me, you don't know me.
Don't believe everything you hear
or you'll only learn to fear me man.

Turn on the fan. This boys hot!
He got all the street cred without shots.
Didn't have nothin', so I pissed in the pots.
My hunger was literal, stomach in knots.
Didn't miss a detail --
dotted all my I's,
injected all my T.
As a man, they just couldn't foresee, that these fingers can still make a pussy sneeze.
Still smoking tree,
I don't care what you think. I'm on the brink of breaking down your boundary.
I wanna be clear, so let me say it soundly.
Remember when the world was flat and now we know it's roundly?

Time to arrive at a similar conclusion
for those who we're praisin in this illusion.

What point you proving with all that pollution?
Guess we all losing let me start a Revolution.

If you don't wanna do a full turn and if it's "none of your concern".
Then watch as we repeat history (history) & never learn.
I hate this feeling, guess I gotta let it burn.

Hate it or Love it -- I'm here on the bottom
looking up at society and all of its problems.

Go ahead, judge me, you don't know me.
Don't just make money.
That shit aint fuckin funny.