What Got You Through?


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released February 14, 2015

Written & Performed by Ro WALKER
Prod. SInima Beats & General Beats



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Ro WALKER best identifies himself as a Transgender Man, with his artistic roots in spoken word and branching into the hip-hop genre. His masculinity is palpable, but not intimidating or ignorant, rather voicing for change.

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Track Name: Heart Breaker
She was a heart breaker
But I’m a chance taker
So I walked over
& gave her my number
I told her 'Call me later'...
I had more than just a thing for you,
I changed my ways.
Rearranged priorities,
put delays on any new lays-
Man those were the days though
Wearing each other around, wearing each other out
Trying not to doubt, the day we'd hit the ground...
Got lost in your love,
til we broke it apart &
I found myself
inside myself
torn apart
Now I'm living my life bleeding and broken
Walking around feeling the need to be spoken
And for you to feel heard
Yah I have eyes for you girl but I’m leading with my third
Broken heart, broken wings, broken bird
If you’re feeling broken
lemme hear you say – word

You're a Heart Breaker (huh?)

She only wants what's real
So I stay in the moment with her, tell her how I feel
Try and live in the question but be the answer
I know I act hard, I just wanna romance her
I mean have a bad romance wit her
Naw I aint a player
I just trust a lot
Racing through the Ethical Slut,
I drive hard to get the putt - putt
You look like your stuck in a rut rut rut
I’m spilling my guts on the microphone
Living my life for the moments I’m 'in the zone'
Won’t postpone my chance any longer
What didn’t kill me only made me stronger
So I wax shit like Kelly Clarkson
Throw the car in park then, take her to the park
Yah old me died now I'm a priceless work of art
should’ve known from the start,
I’ve always had the heart
to set myself apart,
from the pack
so why the fack do you still keep asking me questions?
Man, Google it.
Be frugal with my emotions
I'm swimming good in my tears listening to Frank Ocean
Waiting, wishing, hoping for the day
I’ll be too high to hear what they say
Track Name: What Got You Through?
Please don’t ask me why I left
This city, too great to regret
I don’t need more pity its just
I think I’m searching for something more gritty
I need to express my anger & show my shame
Seems the happiness only comes
After you’ve lost the game
I’m sorry
I didn’t mean to remind you
That I’ll call you out on dame
Cut you up, put you in the middle of the frame
On how you treat her
How you greet her
How you 'skeet skeet'
Get lost and she gets tossed around
Why you think you’ve walked so far and gained no ground
And I’m the one rocking out to this sound
Baby I’m grounded
I slap it off the backboard then rebound it
Then alley-oop the troops I let 'em loose
But this noose just tightens
Tell me what got you through?
Baby I’m frightened…


“Bet you it’d be different if we were white.”
Dragged out, out of spite
I walked by drinking a bottle of sprite
Wrote it down, got up
Then forgot it by the next night.
Seems like I’ve got enough fight for One.
Two backpacks stacked up on my lap
Keep your head up chum,
Keep it nodding with the drum
I’m on the Portage trail
Highway # 1
Man, don’t ask where I’m from!
Started off doing spoken word,
Vocalized a broken bird
Then spittin' through third eye blind
I instituted a one of a kind shine
That only could be mine
Only at this time-
In this day & age
So I’m - my -
I’m lighting my sage
And I’m praying to God backstage man
And that isn’t even how I was raised,
Praise God.
Track Name: Since U Left
Since you left, I've been trying to make it right
wrote more verses til my voice was tight
still, caught up in the fight
Been ready to stranglem'
tip-toe out, then danglem'
with my cross over topics
like JJ Ross took boss, now my life's over
Stop it!
I'm in short spandex shorts
Let it blow over...
Catch you down on your knees
Then the shows over...
Back blowing with the wind
Please be my friend,
When I remember to remember
how I got here.
With these vows spoken til the end
Can I ever really trust a token friend?
Thought you had my back,
bend & broke open again
but man what's broke?
If you think my soul, then here's to hoping
This mistake not just thought provoking
Come on man, you're choking...

Since you Left...

The vintage couch I'm sitting on
is putting a slouch in my spine
Yah I'm a creature but that's sublime beauty
If you only really knew me, before the new me
Then maybe you could say... maybe you could say you knew her
My old girl, snake hair whirl like Medusa
but that was the kinda love I was used to
So tell me why can't it be now?
You're looking elsewhere, how can I go out of my way
to prove to you I'd stay this time
I never really left but still made you pay
& may I say, how unnecessary a delay
With no one to blame but me - look
A second chance with you might just kill me
but I'm killing everything I touch
My situations gettin' kinda desperate housewives wanna clutch...
this Coach... here I got it for you...

Since you left...
Track Name: Just Believe
How do you define quality of life?
When you can’t even be trusted with a knife
Or a broom.. sent to your room at 8
Can’t tell time, but told its already late
This cant be his fate
Nothing about his behaviour seems innate to me
Battling a force inside
With only foreign pride to guide the way,
Spewing empty threats so he wont stray
And you can say you had a good day, at work
That’s the one perk though
Knowing I always have an escape
My home
Sits above the nape, of my neck
Its my dome, where the wild things roam
My stadium, my cranium
Built up walls, stronger then titanium
Cant blame them though
Cause they cant see the emotions you don’t show

Nothing to do but Believe... Just Believe

Is all right
Or is it just “alright”?
Cause she just might,
yah maybe she will
Give me that kiss of death so I can l lay still
For a moment, so girl why postpone it?
I’m just tryin to fulfill yah
She thinks I'm on a mission to kill her heart
But girl I’ve changed since the start
Yah, old me died
Now I’m a priceless work of art
'Since my cousin died, I lost my mind
I don’t care about anything anymore
And the bitches love it'
Hands tattoo’d saying shove it
'Seems like I got friends every 2 weeks
And I guess this is my two weeks..'
He speaks slow and slurred, but my vision blurred too
So the conversation stirs
What in the world makes a man from a girl? (I ask myself...)

With nothing to do but Believe... Just Believe
Track Name: CL4PPED UP
(voicemail Intro)

Let me flex my technique
show you how I spit what's most unique
in this game
I walked around being who I am
cause I ain't got no shame
no ego around my name -
Creepin' around corners boi I'm the night stalker
I saw you first then ran to my mother
come & meet the Fawkers
You gotta be a geek to gawk 'er
In the nerd heard to fack 'er
better yet, chat on the internet
get her to stalk your Instagram
while you pack another gram for your back
just breathe deep no need to have a heart attack
I took my ball back
soft Spalding leather 28.5
palm it in my right hand, hesitate cross it to my left
C I ain't got nothin' left-

I'm feeling Clapped Up
Yah but for now I'm feeling Clapped Up
Like I don't give a...
Right now I'm feeling Clapped Up
Like I don't...Like I don't...

Look I'm so G that I'm H, I JK let a brother pee
it's a single stall, why exclude me?
see this world is a set up design
so I'm adding symbols to all your signs
I'm on my advocacy grind
& if you don't mind
I'm losing my patience, sure we've made some progress
but I'm not complacent,
til her thighs and my eyes are adjacent
see yah boy I got what it takes
& I've been saying this Maid Marion
I've been thinking of marrying RObin Hood
but he got a little john, but I heard he got some merry men
and up here we can marry men!
Know why I'm celibate though? I just don't give a
just don't give a...

(voicemail pt2)

Track Name: A True Story
(In this life... I had it all)

'Hey I haven't seen you in a while?'
'Yah I haven't seen me either' (I whispered).., 'what?'
'Yah, I've been busy'
I always thought Ro was more of a good guy but is he?
When I cry now it's shorter
Tends to come on quickly
I don't get the same release
Where I'm left as a piece of me
Now, I have to stay whole
Look- Becoming a man has stole my soul
All my efforts on staying guarded
I reminded myself 'be kind' as I departed
I've had the warnings blared in my face
You're nothing but another tangled up in this human race
So i ask you who's winning?
Moving forward at the expense of others
This just the beginning of the corruption
But my dreams came true, this inception, my reflection
my perception of reality...
& its a true story

I wish I could rip through metal
Tear down the buildings to see the rose pedal
Then pin me with a medal
Replace the cars with pedal bikes
& dig deeper dykes
So the city won't flood
their thoughts when they see all my likes
& start questioning themselves like
Are you sure you're ready for this life?
My heart spikes
I sacrificed, everything I had
Now I'm walking away
with a lump in my throat
If I'm homeward bound, why aren't you on my boat?
Why can't my heart stay afloat
The tightness of this strangle chokes me so much
I'm craving strokes from different folks
This thought provoKing me, just got reminded
by my Queen-B that my bodies striped above the knee
& it's all good Lord I was never gonna be royalty...

(Pre-Testosterone Voice Outro)
Track Name: Learn 2 Love
I take a seat &
feel the heat through the glass
When the winds not kicking my ass
Winter can be beautiful
Creativity sparked by hibernation can be fruitful
A crisp blue sky makes the day easier to drive by
I close my eyes
And see red
Picture Taylor Swift singing it to me in my head
What a gift that would be,
drop to one knee and wed
that kinda woman my mind said
Who am I kidding though?
That’s the kinda day I dread
I’m not a pure bred
Just a half breed
With an overwhelming need to succeed
Now Ma I’m growing wild on the River bank
You said sink or swim and I sank
Now I’m single, riding the tide of the night
Wondering do I have to sleep alone again tonight?

I’m feeling empty inside
and I don’t know why I just break down and cry

Branches flailing as your parts fall to the ground
They’ll try and knock you down
But your roots run deep
Deeper then the concrete they layer over these streets
Demolition was the right decision cause from her position
It was an eye sore
A tree stands strong in front of the corner store
I heard its cry, stopped to say goodbye
Watched it fall to the ground and a piece of me dies
My life handed me lemons- here’s my lemonade
A mail-man without a package, I guess I’m self made
I let the citrus spray
What more can I say?
I’m gonna keep spittin’ til its my day
May Day! May Day!
I hope by June
My spring will be in full bloom
Now if only I could find a place to use the restroom
Shit … we’re all doomed

I’m feeling empty inside
& I don’t know why, I just break down and cry

You gotta learn to love…

….Yourself first
Track Name: Spoken Wisdom
This is my full court press romance
Showing you you’re worth more then just a quick glance
You got my mind running
back and forth while I’m standing in my B-boy stance
My hearts N*sync with the music but I’ll take Lance
I mean I’ll take the chance on this unknown
Self titled princess without a thrown
I bet cha she’d say I’m the only guy to make her moan
Yah boy I’m full grown – a self made man
With a lot of explaining in order for you to understand
My plan – come up from the underground soil in hand
And I’m making my own band, meeting each person from
Just a shake of the hand
with a little bend at the wrist
I try not to kiss her but I can resist
So I pull her into the far stall
That girl a trip, but ain't tryin to fall

So I’m up high,
I’m a bird, I’m a crow, no I’m the whole heard…
I mean murder.
Keep quiet, conversation stays in my own head
So the miscommunication spreads
& the difference felt in the bed
So I’m on the bus passing Portage & Main
Writing on my note pad, daydreaming Fame
I can already feel my life’s not the same
When I tell people my name,
they’ve already heard I’ve got some shame
Or that I’m playing the game
Can’t they see I’m a winner then?
Or do they think I’m trying to make their light dimmer than mine
So I try and let go of these dark times –
But they Namastae
Maybe if I pray hard enough,
I can make the pain go away…
But the gay stays.

Cause its not a choice in who you love