Go Ahead, Judge Me.




"Go Ahead, Judge Me" aims to make commentary on what I see as I move around the city & how these experiences had made me feel more free to be myself.

The original Instrumental was used in the track Hate it Or Love it by The Game (Produced by Cool & Dre, Dr. Dre).


Let's take 'em back, to where I grew up ...

So, I'm heading down Portage on Winnipeg Transit.
Head out the window, my headphones blasted.
Thinking about my lost loves, how they coulda lasted a little longer.
How I coulda been a little stronger...

- There's no hope in these streets!
Then I'm greeted by the sweetest old lady.
Reppin' a blue pea coat, had to stop her right there &
let her know it was dope,
I try to be nice but it's a slippery slope.

Now I'm headed to the North side.
A part of my city that divides those who deny pride
with those that've been denied.
I don't hide Mom - I just won't - don't tell me don't.

Turns out,I know what's best for me.
"He" didn't, so I made a chest for me.
No democracy - That's what's messed up to me.
Now come on, show some love for me.

Hate it or love it -- the underdog's on top.
Don't start up girl, if you ain't down to bus-stop.
Go ahead, judge me. You don't know me.
Don't take pity,
won't say sorry,
once you know me man.

"Why would anyone choose to live here?"
I used to say, without fear.
But the people here are strong.
Hit my bong - sing my song -
Take a long ass look at how I made the transition.
Found a way to make it when no one listened.

Hard to be defined, by everything I'm not.
A man with no dick but ask your chick, with this stick,
if I can still hit the spot.

No scruff, not tough, not man enough for this town?
Not old enough for those lines that frown?
A little too Queen for this crown?
I look sixteen?.. but she's stickin' around.

In the back-ground, I hear a loud sound.
Surprise! You -- really -- are - nothing.
Look up at the stars man, he's telling you something.
You think I don't shine right and I think that you're bluffin'.

All the doubt in the world, won't re-assure nothing,
So look it's Ride or Die Ma!
Say I gotta be AmericanA for a piece of that pie huh?
Well I don't wanna,

I smoke that marijuana & I'm on top -
of the world so high and they keep telling me to stop AH!

Go ahead, judge me, you don't know me.
Don't believe everything you hear,
or you'll only learn to fear me man.

Turn on the fan. This boys hot!
He got all the street cred without shots.
Didn't have nothin', so I pissed in the pots.
My hunger was literal, stomach in knots.
Didn't miss a detail --
dotted all my i's,
injected all my T.
As a man, they just couldn't foresee, that these fingers can still make a pussy sneeze. Euck - Still smoking trees-
I don't care what you think, I'm on the brink of breaking down your boundary.
I wanna be clear, so let me say it soundly.
Remember when the world was flat and now we know it's roundly?

Time to arrive at a similar conclusion
for those who we're praising in this illusion.
What point you proving with all that pollution?
Guess we all losing -
Let me start a Revolution.

If you don't wanna do a full turn and if it's "none of your concern".
Then watch as we repeat history (history) & never learn.
I hate this feeling, guess I gotta let it burn.

Hate it or Love it -- I'm on the bottom,
looking up at society and all of its problems.

Go ahead, judge me, you don't know me.
Don't just make money.
That shit ain't fucking funny. Nah Nah it ain't funny.
Nah Nah ...


released August 8, 2013
Lyrics: Ro Walker Mills - Go Ahead, Judge Me.
Instrumental: The Game - Hate it Or Love it (Prod. Cool & Dre , Dr. Dre)





Ro WALKER best identifies himself as a Transgender Man, with his artistic roots in spoken word and branching into the hip-hop genre. His masculinity is palpable, but not intimidating or ignorant, rather voicing for change.

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