Hip​-​Hop Hates Me (Debut Single)




Hip-Hop hates me is the debut single from Ro Walker and serves to introduce himself to hip-hop music.


Hip-Hop Hates Me - Ro Walker

If I didn’t know better, I’d say hip-hop hates me

Yet I keep forgivin’
And kept listenin’
To the tracks not on the radio

Won't let them tell me no
Like my identity – let it show

If I gotta show & tell them again – I will

By passed their radar
Like a femme lesbian to gaydar
Let them pay for all

The good ol days
Now I soak in these sunrays

and its all good, keep my hood up
In these neighborhoods

Cause respect thy neighbor –
they took as keep as strangers

Living as trans, just meant
Be aware of new dangers

Give the game my - own touch
No double dutch
Can’t skip over me -
No prejudice

No hopscotch
No bulge in this crotch

Well I guess


Hip Hop hates me
Hip Hop hates me
Hip Hop hates me
Hip Hop hates me

With everything it conveys
You’d probably say

Hip Hop hates me
Hip Hop hates me

Verse 2

I Couldn’t deny it – I’m an MC
Guess I gotta make em see
How Rosemary became me

So I’m travelling on the bus - with many souls
Different backgrounds - in the same fish bowls

I can see time - took its toll
On the man in front of my seat

I feel the heat
In my chest
As I rest

For the ride with my coat - on
I haven’t wrote in - so long
This weed is - so strong

I live in Osborne Village
where diversity is a privilege

Funny how we all live with different
but all succumb to the same dead ends

That urban corner café bends
the streets with a familiar border

I got the same lames, orderin –
me up new names

they think I haven’t heard ‘em all before
I look past ‘em, even my vision is slurred

If you haven’t heard…


Verse 3

Just living in - the city of snow
Nothing much to do - but bask in after glow

When even hip-hop hates me
Don’t have to ask – who dates me

Just call ‘em queer
That ain’t an insult – in my ear
I’m just here –

To clarify – what kinda guy
I am, to clarify why

It’s important for you to be an ally

I just think its great - to support the under-dog
So don’t just leap - frog
To the blog

And skip to me not having a dick
Cause I’m the first to admit – that I don’t
And the last to commit
Trust me, I don’t - need for shit

I’m already at my whit’s end
That girl Whit – wasn’t always my friend
Back when
she had to defend
Me - when I played in the West End
By then –
I already knew that I wasn’t straight
And that-



released May 11, 2013
Produced by: Downtown music, Rob Hill (Pipe & Hat Studio)
Written by: Ro Walker Mills





Ro WALKER best identifies himself as a Transgender Man, with his artistic roots in spoken word and branching into the hip-hop genre. His masculinity is palpable, but not intimidating or ignorant, rather voicing for change.

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