Poetic Justice (Remix)




Poetic Justice (Remix).
Originally Kendrick Lamar Ft Drake


When we write things down we give them power
When we say them out loud we give them even more power
When we overcome their importance we are free...

A child of the prairie is part of the sun(x4)
same me shining
loaded the gun
sparked the flame
lost the game
changed my name
been insane in this skin
now where do I begin
dug myself a hole then had to really dig in
Yeah I'm deep under ground but flying like a pigeon
I'm spying a raven, trying to make a haven of this home
singing all alone, surrounded by people
dumbfounded how we are equal
dumbed down for the sequel
shot up like an eagle
I'm soaring - you boring
you still at the club - I'm here recording
If you can just try not to panic
gotta get the bread, get the bread, break bannock with ya
I'm still manic though, Oh
whats the lesson learnt from this depression yo?
Move with the changes
pick yourself up
don't go bezerk
dig down the jerks & the haters
say my prayers
I know this life here is fair... look how I faired...

You can get it
Cause I know just what you want...

Just trying to live free let me be
on the bus passing Osborne street
Please remind me of the time I was fine
In my own world to young to whine
about how things are
no body here acknowledging their scars
Everyones living lies
its not hard to see
the media influence is all we see
but before cell phones we'd meet up and talk about it
not beef over nothing
yeah girl show me something...
or tell me something else I didn't know about myself
turns out, I was dreaming up I could be myself
without knowing it was possible
on my wall all my idols
embodied men
and I couldn't pretend then I was one of them, wouldn't let me in
(still made the team) well fine then...
moving on,
taking girls to the prom
Dine, then asking politely if she ready to leave
don't need to manipulate her mind to get what I need
When she wants the same thing as me
the game was always plain...

You can get it...
Cause I know just what you want... Put it in a song

This 21st century is lethal
Feels like a throwback to the medieval
They've made you a serf.
Riding the wave, paycheque to paycheque since birth
til you cave for a loan
paybacks a b*tch so you moan
make you wish, make you watch
that princess fairytale gotta stop
so you grow up wishing
you'd sail away on a carpet
with a prince that you met at a market

knowing you couldn't know
how to market this move to your family
but the thought soothed you from your present reality
the childish me wanna slap you
but the loyal brother in me wanna back you
keep wondering
can't tell if she's really falling in love
cant tell if its you the money or the drugs
man you just need a hug
I'm always a winner,
Wutang on with a bottle of wine for dinner
she's thinner then she was a few years back
she fears she might lose track
she keeps moving, what she lacks
doesn't take much to bruise
now what you got to lose? What's Up


released January 26, 2016
Produced By Scoop DeVille





Ro WALKER best identifies himself as a Transgender Man, with his artistic roots in spoken word and branching into the hip-hop genre. His masculinity is palpable, but not intimidating or ignorant, rather voicing for change.

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