What's That Boys Story?




Here is a bonus track from Ro Walker Mills titled "What's That Boys Story?" The song features a beat originally from 2pac - Trading War Stories.


Now, can your mind picture
my soul as a drifter
without a body to call home?

Yeah I consider-ed knock, knock
ask who’s there – but no body home...
so I let my soul roam.

Turns out -- wasn’t just a tom boy
That didn’t bring my Mom joy

To let go, and de-stroy - a daughter
that she raised and brought up
explain to a fish that they live in water - you can’t –

Gotta be a good talker
Gotta re-train your brain
Adjust to a new name
Ro ain’t short for any-thing.
In fact – its just right
suited back - when I was a butch dyke.

Ask myself - was I fooled before?
I was schooled before school
Psych! -ology,
what a waste of - a degree.
Everyone keeps - tellin me,
go get an education –sightsee’in.

So here I go, on the road
Livin behind the toad
In my humble abode
Dodging debt - just to get stoned

My own actions condoned by my inner me
My only real enemy
My only real friend
- Just the perfect blend
to keep myself motivated
passed all those that hated.
Feels like I’ve failed all those I’ve dated
Man I'm so frustrated – I just want someone to care
Someone not to care what I wear
Damn! Didn’t your parents teach you not to stare

I can feel all the spies
but they won't look in my eyes - Can't see my truth.
Can’t see I’m like Superman up in the booth
No kryptonite though
So sit tight for the Ro-show.
Cause I aint going no where
Nah, I'm just gettin' started
I'm lion hearted. - -

Chorus X4

What's that boys story?
I'm out looking for allies
I aint like these other guys
Look in my eyes.

Took a chance on my life & it worked out
Worked out & got some perks out
But not by chance
This was no happen stance
Just one quick glance
I can tell your all dick no ro-mance
This Ro - a - man - see?
Emcee with an Empire - no Roman
This beat here - my omen
Watch out Lebron– I feel chosen
I'm seizin’ the moment
That mirror? Still my only opponent.

Gonna start sending my condolences
To all my queer kids. I feel your grief.
Don’t lose that belief that it’ll get better
I want you to know that we're in this together
Birds of a feather - flock together

And I know you wanna knock that jock in his rocks
Cause I was bullied and ignored,
Cause I scored a lot of points – won awards,
Sexuality I explored,
Cause with boys well? I was bored.
And that meant no invites to parties
Left bored on the weekends
Just pretend it didn't bother me
(At least I had someone to Father me)

So I go to the mall, spent some money so my hurt wasn't so overt
Just a tough girl in a polo shirt
who wanted to eat some cream pie for dessert,
now tell me what did that hurt?

Chorus X4

No safe haven, just a black raven tatted on my ribs
Reminds me of all the skids
(Past mistakes)
Reminds me of all the fakes
who taped masks to masquerade any doubt.
The Relationships I prayed would work out
but just pulled my jerk out
Yah I cheated.
Treated em bad.
Then Ctrl, Alt, Delete 'em.
Wanted to change. Actions repeated,
the after glow just left my light depleted.
So I'd go confess to it - huh? Leave 'em heated,
Each time leave with my ego defeated
But they keep saying I'm a player - so conceited
Truth is I needed something I couldn't get from others
Something I couldn't get from new lovers, under covers
Had to discover, why I keep seeking validation?
Maybe its that sneaking feeling of castration?
Translation. - didn't have a dick
felt like a Halloween trick - no treat.
So I would cheat

These are the ones that I owe to the black crow.
Now let it go. Let it rest -

Walking into a new place always makes me anxious
Won't show it on my face though
Can't tape this -

Won't let it show.
Put my cool on, tell my worries to lay low
They don't know the real you anyhow
So I bow, as they applaud
Yah I wear concealer, but I'm no facade.
This in no word of God, this is me in all my Glory
Now tell me... what's that boys story?



released June 28, 2013





Ro WALKER best identifies himself as a Transgender Man, with his artistic roots in spoken word and branching into the hip-hop genre. His masculinity is palpable, but not intimidating or ignorant, rather voicing for change.

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